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Investment Products

Learn more about Investment Products we offer.

Mutual Funds

Mutual funds, including our exclusive Quadrus Group of Funds, are offered through our mutual fund dealer, Quadrus Investment Services Ltd.

Allow individuals to pool their savings in a portfolio of investments managed by professional money managers. Because of the large amount of money in the pool, mutual funds can diversify a portfolio more widely than an individual may be able to when investing on their own.

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Features & Benefits:
  • Registered retirement savings plan (RRSP)

  • Registered education savings plan (RESP)

  • Registered retirement income fund (RRIF)

  • Tax-free savings account (TFSA)

  • Registered disability savings plan (RDSP)

  • Liquidity

  • Diversification

  • Returns

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Features & Benefits:
  • Death benefit and maturity guarantees

  • Estate bypass

  • Creditor protection potential

Segregated Fund Policies

Segregated fund policies are only available through insurance companies and take the form of individual, variable life insurance contracts offering certain guarantees to the policyholder such as reimbursement of capital upon death. As required by law, these funds are fully segregated from the company’s general operating funds.

Guaranteed Interest Options and Payout Annuities

Annuities can help you step into retirement with the certainty of a steady income stream.

With Income Annuities, you will continue to receive payments that can support your retirement lifestyle or help cover your essential expenses.

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Features & Benefits:
  • Guaranteed income

  • Customizable options

  • Predictibility 

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