Freedom 55 Financial

About us

NorthShore Financial & Insurance Services Ltd. is dedicated to helping clients make smart investment and financial decisions through personalized service. We accomplish this by offering comprehensive advisor services which help clients prioritize and attain their life goals.

Our sole purpose is to help our clients arrange their financial affairs in an efficient and effective way. This is achieved by preserving capital and obtaining risk-adjusted returns consistent with your financial objectives; and, most importantly providing financial freedom at the end of the day.

NorthShore Financial is committed to providing clients with a superior level of service as well as ongoing education designed to further their understanding of financial and investment strategies. We will work alongside our clients in articulating, establishing, and achieving their financial life goals.

At any time during a client’s relationship with BND Financial they have the option to request an individualized analysis reflecting their current Financial situation. We believe it is particularly important for us to present financial alternatives, alternatives that are designed to achieve lifelong financial goals as well as be consistent with their personal philosophy. We find quality financial decisions are made after the client is informed of options they may not know are possible.

We believe responsible decisions, reasonable expectations, and trusting relationships with each client can achieve their financial life goals. It is to this end and purpose, on behalf of our clients, that BND Financial & Insurance Services exists.